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Direct digital marketing for artists and labels.

Long-lasting high intent digital advertising, because the results shouldn't stop when we do. We've generated hundreds of millions of streams using direct ads, and we can help you tap into this amazing source of new listeners.

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What is Direct Advertising and why is it so important?

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Direct Advertising

In the world of music, direct advertising is the action of directly marketing your music to the consumer (fan). This can be done a number of different ways. The most cost effective platform we've found for this is Meta.

This marketing technique allows you to present your music directly to listeners with the hope of grabbing their interest and turning them into a fan. Direct marketing allows you to target very specific groups of listeners that have the highest chance of liking your music.

The Algorithm

To understand the importance of direct advertising you must first understand how algorithms work.

Algorithms are based on intent and engagement. How well your content 'engages' new listeners will determine how the algorithm reacts. If new listeners are actively saving, following, adding your track to their playlist, and coming back for more - the algorithm will favour you. Our marketing strategies allow us to control this narrative, and tell a story that is heavily rewarded by the algorithm.

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Fan 1st, Streamer 2nd

The best way to sum up why direct advertising is so valuable, is that it allows us to create a narrative that suggests anyone who hears your music enjoys it.

By delivering high-intent traffic from other platforms like Facebook and Instagram we're able to ensure that by the time someone gets to your music on Spotify, they're already a fan. This high intent / high engaged focus is how we trigger algorthims.

Experience Post-Campaign Growth like never before.



As you can see, prior to launching a campaign this track was performing an average of roughly 300 streams per day.

During Campaign

Notice there is no significant increase in daily streams at the beginning, but the increase in saves is massive. For this campaign the true value came when the algorithm began to trigger.


Perhaps the most important piece of any music marketing is what happens post-campaign. As you can see this track has continued to grow on its own, months after our campaign was finished.

Andrew Southworth

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Hey Everyone!

My name is Andrew and I've spent years mastering the art of digital advertising in the music industry. I've delivered tens of millions of high-intent streams for hundreds of artists, managers and labels. In this time of running ads I've been able to learn from thousands of campaigns, and millions of dollars in ad spend. This experience is what sets me and my team apart from the rest.

Beyond running ads I've created hundreds of tutorial videos teaching tens of thousands of musicians how to build lasting fanbases and consistently trigger algorithms. After many requests, I am stoked to now be able to offer musicians the chance to have their ads powered by me. Every new song is an opportunity, and we look forward to hearing what you've created.

Andrew S.

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